In your glass, our knowledge.

Our mission is to treat tap water to make it pure by continuously investing in research and innovation of technologies to ensure high quality standards.

The project R-EVOLUTION has been developed by C&C srl to offer the best service and products in the drinking water sector directly from the producer to the consumer.

C&C srl therefore manufactures its devices entirely within its own company, from assembly to final testing, thus guaranteeing total control over the entire process and the production of water of absolute quality from an organoleptic point of view in order to always meet the needs of its customers.

For this reason, C&C srl with the R-EVOLUTION offers a variety of innovative solutions in the civil, industrial and HORECA treatment sectors: softening, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, alkalinised water, cold counter, cold and sparkling water dispensers.

Installations R-EVOLUTION are designed to be easy to adjust to varying water quality and therefore improve tap water by making it taste pleasant and above all safe over time.

Thanks to the R-EVOLUTION you can finally say goodbye to plastic bottles and have a source of pure water directly from your home tap!

C&C with R-EVOLUTION also operates in cases where natural water availability is difficult to identify and where expertise and technology are the basis for solving this problem. By combining advanced methods with traditional knowledge for identifying water resources and checking availability throughout the year, water is extracted and, if necessary, treated. In these cases, we provide the best technologies available on the market, draw up standards of good practice tailored to local logistics, design intake works, supervise the construction of works, check quality standards, test new and existing wells and ensure their sustainable use over the years.