Since all R-evolution water treatment devices are manufactured in-house, we can offer our customers a prompt 24-hour service.

In fact, our technicians are the same as those who assemble the devices on the line, and they have in-depth knowledge of our products as well as access to our spare parts warehouse, guaranteed for quality and availability.

Water analysis

Service analysis of your water in cooperation with an Accredia certified laboratory.

Multi-brand repair on estimate

Do you have a stopped water purifier? Malfunctioning? Do you want to know the cost of repairing it?
Contact us: one of our technicians will collect your water purifier to check it in our laboratory and give you an estimate; you can also have one of our devices as a temporary replacement!

CO2 Refill Express Service

Don't you have a CO2 recharging point close to home?
Do you waste time refilling your cylinder?
Contact us and within 2 days you will receive the CO2 R-Evolution package directly at your doorstep.

Supervaluation Used

Do you have an old purifier? You no longer have a guaranteed qualified service?
Would you like to upgrade to a state-of-the-art purifier?
Contact us and we will take back your old purifier and replace it with a new one!

Free Water Test

Ask for a free test on your home tap water.
Invest an hour of your time and one of our consultants will carry out simple tests while providing your family with information on the ideal water for drinking and cooking.
During the consultation you will be able to taste "your" water treated with our water purifier!

SOS Water

No longer guaranteed qualified service? Not satisfied with your current service provider?
Contact us and within 24 hours we will send one of our qualified technicians to solve the problem!
You can also have a temporary replacement device from us!